3 Ways Storm Windows Can Benefit Your Home

If you want to protect your home, and you live somewhere where high winds are common, you are going to want to invest in storm windows. Storm windows can help protect your home in many ways.

#1: Protect Your Home During Storms

One of the biggest reasons to install storm windows on your home is to protect your home during high-wind storms. High-wind storms can apply a lot of force to your windows, and storm windows are made to withstand that force.

High-wind storms can also carry debris with them. When debris is carried in a windstorm, it can move fast. Storm windows are designed to handle storm debris flying into them at high speeds without breaking. Even if the debris breaks the window, the window is designed to stay together.

#2: Keep Your Home Warm

One of the greatest sources of heat loss in a home is the windows. Heat can easily be lost around the windows because heat can seep around the frame of the window or transfer through the glass.

Storm windows are made from thick glass. The window is comprised of multiple layers of glass, with a layer in between the glass that will keep the glass together if it ever breaks. This construction process creates glass that is thick and will help keep your home warm. Less heat will be lost through the glass, and storm windows are located inside of reinforced frames, reducing the heat loss around the window frame as well.

This all adds up to a window that provides good insulation, which will help regulate temperatures inside of your home and save you energy. Storm windows are just one way to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. 

#3: Keep Your Home Quieter

Finally, installing storm windows will help create a quieter environment inside your home. Storm windows help reduce the transmission of environmental noise from outside of your home to the inside of your home. Storm windows will also help keep any noise you make inside of your home contained within your home. You will enjoy a quieter environment when you install storm windows.

If you want to protect your home for hurricane and tornado damage, and you want to enjoy a more energy-efficient and quieter home, consider installing storm windows. Storm windows are a worthwhile investment if you live somewhere that gets a lot of wind-related storms. Contact companies like Southern Glass & Mirror if you're interested in upgrading your windows.