Work Zone Equipment You May Need For A Highway Construction Project

When construction is being performed on a roadway, measures have to be taken to keep everyone safe, including the workers and the drivers. It is often not feasible to completely block the flow of traffic on a roadway; instead, tools and work zone equipment have to be used to make the project possible. Numerous types of work zone equipment are available, and each has its own purpose. However, those pieces designed for safety can be quite unique. Here is a look at some of the most common work zone equipment pieces that may be necessary for a highway construction project. 

Automated Traffic Flagging Systems 

Automated traffic flagging systems are designed to take the place of a worker who would normally have to stand in the roadway and direct the flow of traffic. These systems can vary in configuration and function, but the most standard configuration looks like a traffic light mounted on a pole. The lights change to let drivers know when it is safe to proceed. These units can be incredibly valuable in areas where having a worker stationed on the road would pose a safety hazard, but they are also valuable if you do not have a lot of people on staff who can stand as flaggers. 

Variable Speed Trailers 

Variable speed trailers are freestanding units that give drivers a precise direction about what speed they need to be traveling while in the construction zone. These trailers have signs on them that are designed to look like an average speed limit sign so they are easily recognizable, but they have a digitized screen that allows you to adjust the speed limit according to what you need to keep everyone safe in the area. For example, if you need drivers traveling through at only 15 mph due to many workers in the area, you can adjust the number on the digital screen to reflect that. 

Traffic Detection Devices 

Traffic detection devices are specifically designed to sense any vehicles passing through a certain area. These units can be configured to send automated alerts to a receiver to alert workers in a certain area that traffic is moving through. This is helpful in areas where there may not be a lot of consistent traffic, but they can also be used to gather traffic counts to better understand what safety measures need to be taken for the duration of a project. 

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