Wood-Look Tile Flooring Is A Carefree Alternative To Hardwood Planks

Wood-look tile flooring is popular due to its beauty and easy maintenance requirements. If you love the appearance of wood flooring but you don't want to commit to all the care wood requires, then choosing wood-look ceramic or porcelain tiles for your home might be a good choice. Here are some things to know about wood-look tile flooring and why it's often a better choice than hardwood planks.

Tile Flooring Is Less Expensive

You can buy ceramic and porcelain tiles that look like wood. These come in different prices, but porcelain is usually a little more expensive than ceramic tiles. Both types of tile are usually less costly than wood planks. Plus, the cost of tiles is consistent and is based more on quality than the finished design.

Wood flooring comes in many different wood species, and the cost of the flooring depends on the species of wood and the final appearance of the floor. Since tiles are manufactured, they can have any design. This allows you the chance to have a floor that looks like it's made with exotic and expensive wood planks at a much lower cost.

Tiles Repel Water

Porcelain is more dense than ceramic, so porcelain is a good choice if you want wood-look flooring for a bathroom or kitchen. If you want the look of wood flooring all through your house, then tiles are a good choice for the wet rooms so you won't have to worry about spills. Tile flooring is sealed to the floor and seamed together with grout to create a waterproof or water-resistant surface.

Wood-look plank tiles have narrow grout lines that aren't very noticeable so the planks look like real wood planks, but the flooring is installed like any other type of porcelain or ceramic tile. This allows them to be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even in a screened room that's exposed to the outdoors.

Wood-Look Tiles Come In Many Designs

There are several manufacturers of wood-look tile flooring, and this gives you a wide range of choices when you're shopping for tile. These tiles are made with colors, grains, knots, and textures so they take on the appearance of different species of wood. Plus, you can buy tiles that look weathered, whitewashed, glazed, distressed, or hand scraped.

The best thing about tile flooring is that it is easy to keep clean with simple mopping. Wood-look tile is beautiful, durable, and easy to care for, so you may find it's a good option for your home when you want carefree flooring that has the look of classic hardwood.

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