Surprising Metal Roof Damage You Need To Know About

If you were to ask a general contractor to name a few durable roofing materials, metal would likely be on their list. This material is favored by many and has gained popularity for a number of reasons. Individuals who are seeking a roofing material that could last for decades will appreciate that metal roofing has been shown to be able to meet this preference. modern metal roofing is also available in a variety of colors and can be manufactured to mimic other roofing materials in appearance. 

Although metal roofing is durable and requires little maintenance. Homeowners should never consider it as a maintenance-free option. All roofing materials require some type of maintenance to ensure that they last up to or beyond their estimated lifespan. In the case of metal roofing, inspections are the ideal way to discover any developing roof issues. Repairing noted issues can ensure that complex roof repair issues do not occur. The following things represent some things that a general contractor might discover and need to correct after a metal roof inspection.

Chimney Issues

Homes that have a metal roof and a chimney may need minor repairs at some point. This is because the roof material has to be fitted securely around protruding chimneys. As the installation ages, the sealant that bonds may loosen and need to be replaced. If the sealing issues are not repaired, it may lead to water intrusion and a chimney leak. 


Metal roofing is rust-resistant. This means that it can withstand weather conditions that could cause rust to certain types of metal. Rust on metal roofing is usually due to components of the roofing system that are prone to corrosion. Galvanized nails and loosened fasteners are common sources of rust on metal roofing. A general contractor can inspect and replace rusted portions.  


Debris that is allowed to settle and sit on metal roofing can lead to discoloration. Roof maintenance usually includes cleaning rooftops as part of the service. Dirt and dead vegetation on rooftops such as small sticks can mix with precipitation and stick to the roofing material. This process can interfere with proper drainage. The prolonged wetness can cause problems such as discoloration and corrosion.

If you think that inspecting your own metal roof is ideal, you need to take time to consider how much a roofing installation costs. Attempting to assess your own metal roof or make repairs could void the manufacturer's warranty. It is also possible that you could injure yourself if you were to slip and fall off of your rooftop. Not noticing repair issues means that you likely will not realize you have them until something occurs to make them obvious. Neglected repairs may also void a roofing material warranty.