Building A Log Home? 2 Materials You Can Use Besides Wood

If you are building a log home, you may be considering making everything wood. You should reconsider, however, and make your log home look more unique by using other materials along with the wood. Below are two of these materials so you can make the best choice.

Use Drywall

One material that you can use in your log home is drywall.  This will add a great contrast with the logs. You could use drywall in the bedrooms, bathroom, or hallways. Use drywall on only sections, such a single wall in a bedroom. Consider how you can paint the drywall any color that you want, as well as add texture, wallpaper, etc. This way you can easily match up the color of the logs or the color of the room's décor. 

You could have a beautiful mural painted on the drywall in a room or a hallway. Do this on your own if you have this talent, or you can hire someone to do this for you. This can really change up a room in a log home.

One big benefit of using drywall in your log home is that this will save you money. This is because drywall is much less expensive when compared to wood logs. 

Use Stone

Another material you can use is stone when designing your log home. You could install a stone fireplace in your log home. A large fireplace looks especially nice if the fireplace is in a large, open room. 

You can use stone in bases that are used for posts that are usually made out of logs inside the log home. This will complement the wood very well. You can find stones that are a variety of colors so you should have no problem finding stone that will match well with the color and type of logs that you are using for your log home.

You can add stone to part of a wall as a façade or use stone in your kitchen as a backdrop to add more character. 

There are other materials that you can use in your log home. Talk with the builder that you have hired or hire a designer that can help you decide what you would like best. There are many websites that show pictures of the interiors of log cabins that use the above materials. You can look at these to give you a lot of ideas.

To learn more, contact a log home material supplier.