3 Reasons Professional Exterior Waterproofing Is A Critical Preventative Measure

Every homeowner has a basic understanding that moisture can cause a lot of damage in their home. The presence of moisture in parts of the house such as the basement can spell doom for you. First, the moisture will cause damage to the paint and the appliances in the basement. Second, it will seep into the soil and foundation. The contraction and expansion caused by the water weakens the foundation and the house develops structural issues. However, most homeowners don't know how the moisture infiltrates their building, and that exterior waterproofing could effectively prevent it from happening. Here are three reasons you should consider exterior waterproofing as part of protecting your home from water damage.

You Will Cover a Large Area

The immediate benefit of external waterproofing is that it keeps the water out of your basement and, by doing so, protects the foundation from damage. The second benefit is that it helps protect areas that are beyond your basement from the damage. Exterior waterproofing helps you prevent the house, the sump pump, and everything else around your home from damage. 

Water from the rain and flooding is safely directed away from the home, eliminating any structural damage. Actually, waterproofing saves all your external structures from damage. It also helps maintain the condition of the woodwork, insulation, pipes, and paint in their perfect condition.

You Will Not Have to Deal With Mold Damage

The second problem that arises when you have water damage in your home is mold and mildew growth. Mold growth often starts from the basement and spreads upwards into the other parts of the home. At first, you will notice the musty smell and see the black stains. Then, the damage will blacken your woodwork and the paint on the walls.

However, it's possible to eliminate all this damage by waterproofing your home's exterior. By waterproofing it, you will create a moisture barrier for your basement. When the basement stays dry, you completely eliminate mold damage. 

You Protect Your Family from Health Complications

The third benefit of exterior waterproofing is that it kicks mold and mildew-related illnesses and other respiratory problems out of your home. For example, when you have mold growing in the living room, the spores will be released into the air. Once they get into the air conditioning system, they spread throughout the house. When your family or anyone else breathes the air with spores, they will develop allergies. However, your family will be healthier when you invest in exterior waterproofing because your home will be clean and dry.

The key is finding a professional contractor to waterproof your home's exterior. With their guidance, you will have a beautiful, dry, structurally sound, and secure home for a long time.