Living In An Older Home? 3 Things Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Must Address

If you currently live in an older home, a bathroom remodeling project is probably high on your list of desired home improvements. Unlike the spacious designs included in many newer homes, bathrooms commonly found in older homes are often smaller and lacking in most of the comfort and convenience features popular today. 

Unless homeowners are willing to sacrifice space from an adjoining bedroom or closet, most will need to work within the footprint of their existing space during the remodeling project. Homeowners who are planning to remodel their older bathroom without the luxury of increasing its size will want to focus on the following three things to ensure that their project will meet their home improvement goals. 

Changing the layout to improve the user experience

Most older bathrooms have plenty of potential for improvement, even when homeowners need to maintain the original size and shape of the space. The first option that homeowners in this situation should consider is whether changing the location of the fixtures and the general layout of the existing bathroom would be beneficial in improving the space. For example, older bathrooms often contain a small shower stall along with a standard bathtub. By removing both fixtures and replacing them with either a large combination tub and shower enclosure or an oversize spa-like shower with a bench, the bathroom could offer a much more pleasing user experience without changing the footprint of the space. 

Increasing both natural and artificial lighting 

Many older bathrooms are designed with only one small window for natural light, plus a single light fixture in the ceiling or above the sink. Because of this, the room can feel dark and gloomy, even during daylight hours. Ideas for correcting lighting issues during a bathroom remodeling project might include: 

  • increasing natural light by installing a larger window 
  • using glass blocks or a glass shower enclosure to maximize existing light 
  • using pendant lighting and additional sources of light throughout the room to dispel shadows

Choosing surfaces that offer both comfort and convenience 

The surfaces in most older bathrooms often include laminate, tile, wallpaper, paint, and vinyl, all of which are likely to be very dated or boring in appearance. During the remodeling project, homeowners can choose to improve the comfort and convenience of their bathroom by choosing to use surface options like heated laminate flooring, modern glass tiles on counters, backsplashes, tub and shower enclosures, and durable, washable paint on walls, ceilings, and woodwork.  

Homeowners who want to enjoy the best possible remodeling project should start the process by having a candid discussion about their objectives and budgetary limits with a reputable bathroom remodeling contractor in their area. 

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