Why Invest In Custom Awnings For Your Home?

Awnings are used to provide shelter from the sun and rain. They are usually used as an exterior design decorative element on windows and doors. There are different types of awnings available in the market, including retractable ones that can be rolled up or down. They also provide an attractive architectural feature that can add curb appeal to your property. Installing an awning is not only a wise investment in protecting your building. It is also an affordable one. Awnings can be installed for a fraction of the cost of installing new siding or windows and are a simpler process than painting. So, why should you invest in custom awnings for your home?

1. Add Usable Shielded Space Outdoors 

The first reason you should invest in awnings for your home is to add usable shielded space outdoors. They provide shaded areas for a patio, deck, or pool area. They are especially useful on east and east-facing windows where the sun is strongest in the morning and afternoon, respectively. You can also create usable space below your awning by adding a storage area underneath. 

2. Protect Outdoor Furniture  

If you have an outdoor area that you want to protect from sun damage and fading, installing custom awnings over these areas is an excellent way to do so. The shading provided by an awning will help protect wood furniture from drying out and cracking and keep the upholstery from fading and discoloring. 

3. Reduce Cooling Costs      

Custom awnings can help reduce cooling costs in your home. The shade provided by the awning will help keep the temperature inside cooler, which means that you can use your air conditioner less, or even not at all. This will save you money on your energy bills. 

4. Unhindered Great Views  

Another benefit of installing custom awnings is that they will provide an unhindered view of your yard and garden areas. Shade can be provided without blocking out natural light, making retractable awnings a good option for windows on exterior walls where you want to let the sunshine in. 

5. Boost Property Value 

Custom awnings allow you to experiment with designs that complement your home's design and architecture. They help highlight the doors and windows, which you can also detail with decorative elements. The resulting boost in curb appeal helps raise your property's value. 

Are you looking to create a space for entertaining your guests outdoors? Talk to a contractor about installing custom awnings for your space.