Need Gutters For Your House? Consider These Factors Before Choosing

Gutters are a vital part of your home. Without them, your house will run the risk of severe water damage because precipitation won't be adequately drained away from your property.

If you are about to pick rain gutters for your next project, you will need to know everything that goes into selecting a well-designed and functional gutter system. From the material to appearance to maintenance, these factors determine your choice. This post will discuss these factors in detail to help you decide which residential gutters to choose.


One of the primary decisions you need to make is to choose your gutter material. The choice you make will determine the quality of the channels and how long they will last. In most cases, rain gutters are made of vinyl, copper, and aluminum, but you can also find other types like wood or steel.

Vinyl gutters are affordable, light in weight, and easy to install. However, you will need to replace them more often because they aren't durable. Copper rain shutters are more costly, but they last for many years with minimal maintenance. 

What's more, they are appealing and will transform the appearance of your home. Since the installation process is complicated, you will need the help of a seasoned contractor. Aluminum gutters aren't too expensive or cheap but can last a long time. However, you may need to repaint them to prevent corrosion.


Once you pick a gutter material, you will need to decide the style. Usually, there are two options: the u-shaped (half round) and k-style shapes. The half-round style was more prevalent amongst homeowners in the past, but it's not common as the k-style. Their popularity has reduced because the channels are more costly. 

You will also need the help of rain gutter specialists since the installation process is more complex. But, some people still prefer this gutter style because it's stylish and unique in appearance.

K-style gutters are more popular today thanks to their affordability and ability to hold water properly. Besides, the channels don't break easily and come in various colors that enhance curb appeal.  


In the past, downspouts and rain gutters came in sections and were sealed together at the roof's edge. Today, most homeowners don't like these gutters because they are prone to blockages and leaks. 

Once the seal fails, water will escape. The ridges on the lower side of the sections trap debris, which interferes with the gutter system functionality. You can get seamless gutters tailored to the exact dimensions of the roof to avoid these issues. Unlike their counterparts, the probability of having a blockage or leaks is significantly low.