Top Reasons to Install a Wood-Burning Fireplace Vs. a Gas-Powered Fireplace

There are many reasons to install a fireplace in your home. A fireplace can help create an aesthetically pleasing and comforting atmosphere in your home, and it's great for providing primary or supplemental heat. Plus, installing a fireplace can even increase your home's value. Because of these perks, you might have already decided that you want to make this improvement in your house sometime soon. What you might not be sure of, however, is the type of fireplace that you want to install. Two popular choices are gas-powered and wood-burning units, and they both have their pros and cons. These are a few reasons why a wood-burning fireplace might be the better choice.

It's a Traditional Choice

Although it's true that gas-powered fireplaces can provide aesthetic value to the room, they just don't have the same traditional look and feel as wood-burning fireplaces. If you own an older home or would prefer a more traditional feel in your modern home, a wood-burning fireplace will probably be more in line with what you're looking for.

You Don't Need Access to Gas

If you live in a rural area where you don't have access to a local gas company's supply lines, and if you don't want to purchase or lease a gas tank so that you can keep gas on hand on your property, then a gas-powered fireplace might not be the right choice for you. Luckily, a wood-burning fireplace will work on even the most rural of properties, and you'll never have to worry about buying or leasing a gas tank or scheduling gas deliveries.

It Provides a Great Smell

When you think about having a fireplace burning in your home, you might think about the crackling sounds and the natural smells that go along with burning real wood. You won't be able to experience these smells and experiences with a gas-powered fireplace, but you can with a wood-burning fireplace. 

It May Be Cheaper

As you might already know, gas can be quite expensive. Powering a gas-powered fireplace all winter long can cause your utility bills to rise noticeably. You could potentially save money with a wood-burning fireplace. If you have your own source of firewood — such as if you have access to trees that you can cut down for firewood — then you might not have to spend anything at all to keep your wood-burning fireplace running this winter. Even if you do have to purchase firewood, you might find that it will be much cheaper than paying for gas all season long.

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