3 Trash Removal Services To Compare When You Need Clutter Removed From Your Property

If you're a landlord and have had a tenant leave behind a houseful of trash, or if a relative died and you have to clear out their home, you may wonder how you'll get rid of all the junk. Clearing out someone's belongings is a lot of work, but you can make it easier by using a trash removal service rather than making multiple trips to the landfill yourself. Here are some trash removal services to compare.

1. Use A Dumpster Rental Company

You can rent a dumpster and have it placed near the home so that you can throw trash into it as you clean out the house. This may require leaving the dumpster in place for several days while you work. In some cases, a dumpster might not be practical. For instance, if the place you're cleaning out is a condo, you may not be allowed to place a rented dumpster on the lot.

However, if you have the room and you're allowed to park a dumpster in your driveway, then a dumpster could be a good way to dispose of everything that needs to go to the landfill. You'll probably want to ask about how to use the dumpster first as some companies may only allow construction debris in their dumpsters or they may not want recyclable trash thrown in with other types of trash.

2. Hire A Junk Removal Company

A junk removal company can be a good choice for clearing out someone's clutter since you won't have any worries over sentimental items being thrown out. Since the trash and clutter aren't yours, you may not even want to waste time sorting through things.

A junk removal company is often more useful than a dumpster rental since the junk removal crew will carry everything to their dump trucks and spare you from some of the physical labor involved in cleaning out a house. They may even shovel up trash if necessary and put it in bags to be carried to the dump truck.

A full-service trash removal service costs more than renting a dumpster, but if you can't lift heavy furniture yourself or if you don't have time to clean out the home, hiring a trash removal service could be the best way to get the home in order.

3. Use Your City Sanitation Department

You may want to call your city to see if they pick up trash at the curb when you have too much to fit in your regular garbage bins. You can often place furniture and other belongings out for them to pick up if they provide special services.

However, you'll probably have to pay extra for the service, especially if you have a lot of trash. Plus, the clutter and trash will be at the curbside until it gets picked up, and that could encourage people to dig through things and make a mess in your yard.