How To Design A Modernized Craftsman Home

If you're creating a new home design, you may already have a strong urge to build a Craftsman home. Of course, Craftsman homes have changed a lot over the years, and you may want to modernize your home design.

If you'd like to modernize a Craftsman design, here are some ways you can do just that.

Create a Shorter Foyer Hallway

When you enter a Craftsman home, you're typically greeted by a long, narrow foyer. This is one design element that you can definitely keep in your modernized home. However, you may want to make it a bit shorter. A shorter foyer will still give you that cozy feeling without making your home feel too cramped.

Opt for an Open Kitchen Layout

Another way to modernize your Craftsman home is by opting for an open kitchen layout. This means getting rid of the small, cramped kitchen that is typically found in these homes. Instead, you can have a large, open kitchen that flows into the rest of your home.

Combine a Dining Room & Great Room

Another way to open up your home is by combining your home's dining room with a great room. This will give you a large, open space where you can host guests, eat, and enjoy a warm fireplace.

Bring in Lots of Natural Light

To really brighten up your home, bring in lots of natural light. This can be done by adding skylights, larger windows, or even glass doors. This can prevent your home from feeling dark and cramped like some of the older styles.

Choose Simple, Clean Lines

To modernize your Craftsman home, you'll also want to choose simple, clean lines. This means avoiding any unnecessary details or embellishments. Keep your home design simple and straightforward for a sleek, modern look.

Use Natural Materials

Finally, to really bring out the Craftsman style, use natural materials throughout your home. This includes using wood, stone, and brick. These materials will give your home a warm, natural feel that is perfect for a cozy Craftsman home and will also complement the natural lighting you bring in.

Work With a Home Design Professional

If you're not sure how to modernize your Craftsman home, it's a good idea to work with a home design professional. They can help you choose the right design elements to achieve the perfect look for your home and create a layout that is welcoming and comfortable.