Repairing Common Automatic Door Malfunctions

The installation of automatic doors can greatly enhance the accessibility of your business. However, these doors will experience some issues that will require them to be repaired by a professional technician to restore their performance. 

Vibrating Or Stuttering Doors

A common sign that automatic doors are experiencing problems can be them vibrating or stuttering when they are opening or closing. The exact problem that this indicates may be determined by the type of automatic doors that you have. For doors that use a track or rail system to open and close, this may indicate that this railing has become warped. Conversely, this could also indicate that the motor that is responsible for opening or closing the door has become damaged. Depending on the extent of the damage to this motor, repairs may be possible, but replacement is often the more reliable and affordable solution to this particular malfunction that your automatic doors could experience.

Loud Grinding Noises From The Door's Motor

Most business leaders will be mindful to choose automatic garage door systems that will be as quiet as possible. This can minimize the disruption that occurs when customers are entering or exiting the building. When your automatic door motor is on the verge of failure, it may start to make grinding sounds. These sounds can be due to compromised components rubbing against each other. Eventually, this damage will become severe enough to fail and cause the motor to stop working. Arranging for an automatic door repair technician to visit your property when these sounds start to occur can help you to avoid a complete failure of the automated system before repairs are completed.

Faulty Sensors

Your autonomic doors will have sensors that can detect when individuals are approaching them. These sensors can be extremely efficient when it comes to detecting individuals, but they can fail. One common cause of failure can be alignment issues with the sensors. These issues may prevent the sensors from being able to monitor the correct area. Aligning these sensors can be very challenging for a person that does not have the right tools. However, an autonomic door repair service will be equipped to allow them to effectively and quickly realign these sensors so that they will work again. In some cases, these professionals may discover that the sensors are actually damaged or destroyed. When this is the case, they can complete the work necessary to replace them with new working units.

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